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Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
this speech is about. that's the big choice that the american people have on the economy. you've got these crippling deficits, anemic jobs. you've got romney's plan to reverse that. on foreign affairs, you've got a failed foreign policy. yes, they've done more drone attacks, which is good. yes, osama bin laden is dead, which is good. but whether you deal with russia, china or throughout the broader middle east, you have a disaster. we saw that in the killing of the american ambassador in benghazi and a fundamental misunderstanding. >> i want to get to some other issues. i want to get to larger question, which is what is a romney foreign policy? what is going to be different about it than president bush's? less sort of the quote unquote freedom agenda? >> what you're going to have is a foreign policy that's been in the bipartson tradition of strength from kennedy and beyond. one that believes you need a strong economy. you need to have leadership. america's better off and the world is better off when america leads as "the washington post" editorial said today. there's a vacuum in syri
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
the economy post-debate? we saw some shifting -- not a lot, but some shifting in mitt romney's favor. he's ahead on the economy in florida, ahead on the economy in virginia, but behind in ohio. it sort of tells me, that sort of explains the leads. maybe it's better, as good as any number that you have out there. >> sure. this is such an important question in terms of not only the right direction, which has gotten a little tighter in terms of people thinking things are heading a little better than they were, but in terms of the economy, romney in the driver's seat in those two states but not necessarily in ohio. and the favorable or unfavorable, very important here. romney lifted his favorabilities in all three states as a result of the debate. but in ohio, he's still upside down. obama still over 50 in all three states. so he didn't get hurt. romney got helped. the race got closer. >> we also had a conservative ideological advantage of conservative in the exit polls. what do you tell folks that look at those numbers? >> this tells you you can't weight your data by party idea. we've said
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
's still a conversation about the economy and national debt. despite the lower unm employment rates than nationally. i if the candidate performs the way he did in the debate in terms of explaining for himself what he wants to do he has a chance to make up ground because it is fertile territory for him. >> it's a matter of how he performs. >> and obama under performed his campaign at the debates, the question is can the campaign apparatus measure up to romney the candidate. and does romney the candidate stay the guy we saw on saturday night. >> just when we think we have a game changing moment that something else happens, and these polls showing a romney advantage, i still don't think we have polls showing whether those jobs numbers from friday. >> if that maretters, right. you guys have narrowed it down to six states. iowa has been the one that not everybody's sure. but you have new hampshire, ohio, wisconsin that lean romney. and you have north carolina, i start looking at that map, that's over -- >> 269. is that one away? >> that's a fire row path, and it always comes down to ohio, we
Oct 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
. >> but people are still frustrated about the economy, they want it fixed yesterday. so just show up with a sunny face and say i didn't say all that stuff the last two years. i don't have that tax plan i had for the last two years. you going to believe me or your lying eyes here, come on. >> former house speaker and illinois republican dennis hastert, who's a romney supporter. good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to ask about the comments that president clinton made moderate mitt do you believe that romney has tacked to the center over the last few weeks? >> i think he wants to be president of 100% of all of the people in the united states. he has to address concerns to more moderate people that he has that sensitivity. i think he proved that as governor of massachusetts. >> do you think he had waited too long to do that? >> that's the way we have to go. and i looked at what he did in massachusetts. he went across the aisle, went with the legislature that was 87% democrat and got things done. and i think he has to prove that to the american people, i think if he's going to win, he's got the r
Oct 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
every day the european union and designificants they may or may not make impact the global economy. by the way, the norwegians give it -- which means they are not part of the eu but we could go there fr there. becky, do the markets care about something like this. >> this is a head scratcher. this has gotten our attention. i understand the theory behind this. yes, original 60 years ago when the eu began, this was part of an ex spearment to try and get over the massive devastation that the two world wars on the couldn't tent caused for all of these countries. the thought was linking them together fiscally, they would have too much riding on each other's success. but the timing for this, well, that is the weird part. remember, just this week, angela merkel -- germany's chancellor made her first trip to greece since the whole crisis erupted and they greeted her there with molitaf cocktails. so the idea that this is bringing people together, sure. during good times when everybody was succeeding, it was bringing people together but right now we see things fraying and fraying in a very ba
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)